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What’s Really Going On When You Eat?

Hi everyone!  These are exciting times here at Honeybee.  Last month I completed my Level 1 Certification in the Integrative Health Practitioner Program and have now started Level 2 studies. Last week I applied to be a Beta tester of a continuous glucose monitor… Continue Reading “What’s Really Going On When You Eat?”

What Does Cancer Actually Feed On?

While it may appear that I’ve been sitting back and letting Amy do all the blogging for our team, the truth is that I’ve been in the background, continuing to learn, work, and grow. We’ll have some exciting updates on continuing education, certifications, and… Continue Reading “What Does Cancer Actually Feed On?”

Can’t Sleep? Reset your Circadian Rhythm

As we move from summer to fall and the days are getting shorter, it is a good idea to adjust your sleeping cycle as well. But, even more important than the actual sleep you get is what you do during your waking hours. Have… Continue Reading “Can’t Sleep? Reset your Circadian Rhythm”

Conditions for Change

This past weekend, I attended a workshop titled “Creating Transformational Workshops.” It sounds like a big promise, doesn’t it? A big, intimidating, and inspiring topic that I was game to try. When I teach yoga, my hope is that people will experience the same… Continue Reading “Conditions for Change”

Tapping into Your Inner Fire

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word “discipline?” I used to think of misery, pain, boredom, and lack of energy. However, my understanding changed in the last year. At the beginning of 2019, I had reached a… Continue Reading “Tapping into Your Inner Fire”

Keeping a Student’s Mind

I had the pleasure of speaking with Megan Ridge Morris about why I’ve decided to work towards my 500-Hour Yoga Certification. I share here because it speaks towards my love of the practice and my love of teaching.

What the Bees Tell Us

Who or what in your life reminds you that you aren’t alone? Is it your spouse, your pet, a family member, or long-time friend? The other day a friend shared an article about an old tradition of “Telling the Bees.” As the granddaughter, and… Continue Reading “What the Bees Tell Us”

The Secret to Longevity?

Earlier this month, on Ground Hog day, my grandfather turned 100 years old.  Amy’s grandmother passed-on at the age of 104.  With those genetics on our side, we are both planning on being here a while.  If you think about it, we really haven’t… Continue Reading “The Secret to Longevity?”