At Honeybee Healthy Living LLC, we want you to feel welcomed and relaxed. We have many modalities of massage to choose from. Your Massage Therapist will take the time to listen to you and talk about what type of massage would be the best holistic approach.

Do you have a corporate, sporting, or social event? Be sure to read about our event services. Are you an athlete who would like to perform better or heal faster from an injury? We can help! Overworked, overstressed, or just need some quiet alone time – we have a massage that can take you away even for a little while. Or if you are just looking to rebalance and reconnect with yourself, we would be honored to bring you back to your center.

“The BEST massage, EVER! Her training, skills, knowledge and care come straight through her hands. She is masterful and I HIGHLY recommend her!!!” – Tracy, April 2019

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