What’s Really Going On When You Eat?

Level 1 Certification Achieved!

Hi everyone!  These are exciting times here at Honeybee.  Last month I completed my Level 1 Certification in the Integrative Health Practitioner Program and have now started Level 2 studies.

Last week I applied to be a Beta tester of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) system through a company called Levels!  Their mission is to help reverse metabolic dysfunction in the US. After a nice conversation with one of the founders of the company, I was approved for access to the beta test.  Once I get final approval from one of the Levels doctors, I will receive my CGM and be part of the July test team.

This is very exciting for me as I have been using the Mojo glucose monitor to check morning blood sugar levels for a while now.   Having the 24/7 monitoring will give a tremendous amount of information to make more informed food and exercise decisions for better results.  This glucose monitoring is very important as metabolic dysfunction/blood sugar dysregulation/insulin resistance are the underlying root cause of most chronic health conditions and contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and possibly even cancer.  CGMs were only available to diabetics until now.  However, this is a great tool for the non-diabetic as well.   As no two bodies are alike, this will allow each person to see exactly how their body responds to different foods, activities, and stress so as to  adjust their lifestyle accordingly for optimal health and performance.   I believe this will help reverse or prevent disease.

I’m looking forward to it making an impact on my own quest for improved health and living.   I already have a list of experiments I want to perform in the month I have the monitor.  Lots and lots of good info about metabolic health out there from Levels.  Twitter and  IG: @unlocklevels

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