Getting joy by giving?

Getting joy by giving? There is some research stating joy last longer by giving than getting alone. Michele agrees and wanted to share a recent client experience who exemplifies generosity:

Anyone who knows me well would say I’m “frugal” or just plain “cheap”. That trait has helped me to be debt-free (yes, the house mortgage and cars are all paid off!). However, every time I give to someone, it doesn’t take long to get it back. And its nice to see how this happens to other’s as well. During the past holiday season, I decided to gift a free massage.

I had in mind a former physical therapy patient who is always enthusiastic, followed her treatment plan, and did her homework. In the beginning of Tracy’s therapy, her treatment was focused on manual massage techniques and later progressed to more exercise than massage. She’s in a very “giving” occupation (Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant-Licensed) and logs a lot of hours volunteering for various organizations.  She does a lot of work for Veterans, and being a Navy Veteran myself, I appreciate anyone who helps us out, especially if they are not a Veteran themselves. Tracy was also kind enough to remember me and send a note of thanks for my service last Veterans’ Day.

I think you can probably see why I picked her. Tracy’s a great person who does good for others and was more than deserving of the gift. She even made a point of telling me how much she appreciated the offer when she arrived for her massage.  Afterward, she told me she wanted to gift a massage to a deserving friend as well as booking another massage for herself. The extra business was unexpected, but just goes to show, once again, that you can gain a lot by giving a lot. Something tells me that Tracy’s life is full of abundance! You can read more of her story on her physical therapy treatment here.

Whether your New Year’s resolutions has fizzled out or you just want a fresh start this year, try giving some time or money away and feel the joy.

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