Find a New Perspective!

This past weekend, Amy spent a lot of time upside down at The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem for a 17-hour training on inversions led skillfully by Carrie Morgan and Sangeeta Vallabhan.

For the first 15+ years of my own personal practice, going upside down only consisted of Downward Dog or legs up the wall.

Inversions can be intimidating, especially as we get older. I remember being a kid walking on my hands or constantly finding some way to do flips, backbends, or hang from the monkey bars. As I got older, I forgot how freeing it felt to hang my head below me and look at the world upside down!

Now, as an adult, inversions are HARD WORK! Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Are we held back by fear or self-doubt? I’m comfortable now doing inversions at the wall, but when I tried a double-kick into hand-stand this past weekend, I felt so HEAVY and my mind automatically wanted to go into old negative self-talk. I caught myself before I talked myself into giving up, asked for help, and tried again. I’m not able to do it YET, but I know what’s holding me back is only in my head.

It can be easy to convince ourselves that we are too old, too weak, too big, or just not interested in trying. But, if we can put aside these ego-driven thoughts that push us to stay in our comfort zone, we can experience all the benefits of being upside down!

Still not convinced to try? Read this great article for more on all the benefits of inversions.

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